Featured Critters: Spring '11

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 Each critter is made with 100% acrylic yarn and fluffy hypoallergenic stuffing, made for easy washing! Each are available in two sizes:
Key-chain: 3" - 4"     Play Size: 5"-8"
Critters shown on this page are play size.
Featured Critters: Swimmin' Sea Critters for Summer 2011

Featured Critters: Spring '11

Silly Seahorses
These pretty horseys love exploring the sea and come in pink, orange, and white! $5.00 ea.
Cute Octopi
These eight legged cuties come with wobbly eyes and are available in pink, purple, blue, white & black. $5.00 each
(wobbly eyes available only on key-chain size, play-size eyes are crocheted)

More sea critters coming soon!!

Fiery Red Dragon
 Strike fear into all of your prey with this red hot dragon! With a poseable head, tail and wings he'll be ready for all of your adventures! - $10
Other Availiable Colors: Grey, All Black, White and Blue